Burgerskip is the eighth episode in the first series of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.



This episode begins with greedy businessman Oswald O'Burger planning the destruction of a South American rainforest in order to make grazing land for his herds of cows. Oswald, or the Happy Cowboy as he is also known, owns a chain of burger restaurants called Burger Skip. Despite the warnings of an old Amazon Indian about cutting down the mahogany tree god Panacheck, the Happy Cowboy goes ahead with his scheme.

The very next day, a spoilt young girl named Charlotte finds a tiny tree in her Wild West Whopper. Soon, mahogany trees are found sprouting from Wild West Whoppers up and down the country. As Oswald fumes in his boardroom, watching as his restaurants are quickly overgrown with trees, the old Indian arrives to watch him be destroyed. In a fit of rage Oswald tries to strangle the Indian, but before he can, the ghost of Panacheck appears with an eerie groan and whisks the Happy Cowboy off to a fate unknown . . .

Afterwards, the trees spread everywhere, making Britain the new owner of the world's largest rainforest. Which meant the weather got better. Which made for a nice change.


  • The moral of this story is “look after the environment.”


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