The Doctor was a character who appeared in the series 4 episode The Decomposition of Delia Dethabridge.


The doctor was a thin man with a German accent and ginger hair, moustache and goatee. He wore black shoes, green socks, brown trousers, a white surgical smock and pale green hat.


At the beginning of the episode, the doctor used a hacksaw to chop the top from the head of a dead body to get at the brain inside. He then explained that there are two lobes at the side of the brain that look like floppy saddlebags. These lobes are tiny when a person is born, but as they get older fill up with all of the knowledge a person has gained in their life. By the time somebody reaches the age of eighty, these lobes are so full that they press against the inside of the ears, which is why old people can't hear very well.