Donald was a character who featured in the series 3 episode The Pie Man.


A short boy with a round face, sticky-out ears and hardly any hair at all, Donald was usually dressed in a pair of grey trousers and a red shirt. He had a strong Scottish accent.


When his mum and dad were warned by a nurse at the hospital that Donald was a thumb-sucker and would get a nasty visit from the Pie Man if he kept it up, they bought the boy a dummy to suck on instead. However, Donald became over-attached to this, and kept sucking on it even when he reached an age that was far too old for that kind of behaviour.

Finally managing to get the dummy off of him by throwing it to the Loch Ness Monster, Donald’s parents were horrified to see him go straight back to sucking his thumb, and sure enough, later that night the Pie Man came to call. After being unable to get Donald’s thumbs out of his mouth, the Pie Man grabbed the boy up and threw him into his pie whole. Never again would Donald suck his thumbs . . .