Felicity was a character who appeared in the episode The Princess’s Clothes.


Felicity's father spoils her, by purchasing her expensive clothes, leaving her spoilt and bratty. Her mother decides to end this by choosing plain clothes with the aid of a woman called Miss Shears. A week later, Miss Shears delivers a parcel with the clothes in and Felicity locks herself in the shed and doesn't come out until her cardigan is stained. When she goes in to get a clean one from her warddrobe, she discovers her mother has locked away her beautiful ones and replaced them with cheap ones, much to the ire of Felicity. That night, she receives a pair of sewing scissors sent anonymously with a note attached to it. Felicity later proceeds to destroy the cheap clothes until the scissors cut up her beautiful clothes and then she sees Miss Shears sitting atop a broomstick outside her window. The next day, Felicity's parents discover her in bed and she tells them she hasn't any clothes to wear. As of that day, she goes to school wearing a blanket. 

Physical Appearance

Felicity is a young black girl with four strands of blue hair. She wears a pink frilly dress with purple mary-jane shoes and fuchsia pink earrings and pearl necklace.