Grandmother's Footsteps is the fourth episode in series 1 of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.



The Boy was lying in his bed listening to the sound of the wind tapping a tree branch against his bedroom window, sure that it was a ghost coming to get him. Eventually unable to stand it any longer, he screamed out for his Grandma, who came in to settle him down.

Telling the Boy that she would tell him a story, Grandma promised one with a ghost in the end, and proceeds to spin off a yarn about a boy named Jolyon who got frightened by the same thing that was scaring the Boy.

Feeling suitably chastised, the Boy then asked where the ghost in the story was, at which point Grandma took off her head to give her tired shoulders a rest, before wandering off down the hall . . .


The moral of this story appears to be “Don’t take things at face value.”


  • In this episode, the boy tells the story, and Uncle Grizzly is the scared one watching the tale.
Did you guess that the Boy’s Grandma was the ghost, or did it give you a surprise?

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