It’s Only a Game, Sport! is the first episode in series 3 of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.



Once upon a time in Australia, there was a young boy called Bruce who liked to play games but was no good at them. What’s more, he was a very bad loser. Whenever he got beaten at a game or in a sport, he either made up new rules that allowed him to win, or he just plain cheated.

After complaining about losing at tennis, the Games Teacher told Bruce to make the most of the gifts he was born with, but Bruce was having none of it. When he came last in the three-legged race - even though he was cheating by using a broom instead of having a partner - he took a tantrum and threw a rock at the winners. This got him sent straight to the Headmaster, who promptly expelled the little terror.

Left with nothing else to do, Bruce turned on his little sister Kitty, who was much smaller than him, and who he thought he could beat at any game. However, just to make sure, Bruce changed the rules in the middle of games so that he would always come out on top.

One day, after threatening to kill poor Kitty’s hamster if she didn’t let him win, Kitty got fed up and determined that she would beat her bullying brother at something, so she challenged him to a game of Snakes and Ladders. Bruce didn’t like dice games, because any game of chance meant that there was the possibility that he might lose, but he accepted anyway.

Playing the game, Kitty was far ahead of her brother, so the bad sport changed the rules. This didn’t seem to make any difference however, and when Bruce saw he was going to lose, he grabbed up the board and threw it out before storming from the house. What Bruce hadn’t noticed was that the the family’s pet koala was sleeping just outside the front door, and he tripped over it before falling off the top of the ladder. As Bruce’s house had been built on stilts to stop the snakes from getting in, this meant a long fall- straight into the middle of the waiting serpents!

Needless to say, after that Kitty never needed to worry about her nasty brother and his stupid games any more!


  • The morals of this story are “always be a good sport,” and “don’t be a bully.”


  • In the introduction section, Uncle Grizzly gives the boy a snackbox full of flies.