Miss Whetstone was a character who appeared in the series 4 episode The Decomposition of Delia Dethabridge.


Miss Whetstone was a thin woman with a long, pointed nose, spiky chin, hatchet face and grey hair pulled into a tight bun. She wore pink lipstick along with a green dress and a string of white pearls. Strangely enough, Miss Whetstone had spindly claw-like fingers and a long, forked tongue.


After poor old Mr. Pugn was taken ill with a bad case of greenfly, substitute teacher Miss Whetsone made naughty schoolgirl Delia Dethabridge write a 500-word essay entitled "My Worst Nightmare." Miss Whetstone didn't like the piece that Delia wrote about a nice gremlin called Gormless who gave her everything she wanted, so Miss Whetstone rewrote the end to have Gormless push his long fingernails into Delia's earholes and burst her saddlebags of knowledge, thereby turning her into a dummy.

Later that night, Gormless came to life from the pages of Delia's exercise book and did just that.


  • It is possible that Miss Whetstone was a witch, as she had hands that were claw-like, a forked tongue, and that as far as we know, no magical things came to life from Delia Dethabridge's exercise book before the substitute teacher showed up.
  • It appears that Miss Whetsone and Gormless the gremlin were in league together, as the pair could be seen laughing together when Miss Whetstone was rewriting Delia's essay.