Mrs. Mac was a character who appeared in the series 1 episode The New Nanny.


A slightly plump older woman, Mrs. Mac dressed in a grey maid’s uniform and cap and wore a pair of spectacles. She was a kindly soul, but was constantly tormented by the children in her care.


After horrible brats Tristram and Candy told their dad lies about how Mrs. Mac beat them with golf clubs, Mr. Frightfully-Busy fired the poor woman on the spot and kicked her out of the house. The children then did the same to two other nannies, a snake and a spider, sent by the Animal MacMagic nanny agency.

Later, after Tristram and Candy have been taught a lesson in manners by the crocodile nanny sent by the agency, Mrs. Mac turned up on the Frightfully-Busy’s doorstep and asked if she could come back, to which the children politely replied “Yes, please!” As Mr. Frightfully-Busy picked up her bags, they noticed that one was made from snakeskin, one from the fur of a spider, and the last from crocodile hide . . .


  • Mrs. Mac might have actually been the owner of the Animal MacMagic company.