This page offers a complete list of all episodes from series 2 of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.

1) Jack in a Box (first aired 23 April 2001): Chatterbox Jack de Laurney de Havilland de Trow won’t ever shut up, but a mysterious ventroliquist soon puts an end to that!

2) Glued to the Telly (first aired 10 April 2001)

3) The Cat Burglar (first aired 12 April 2001): Greedy Fedora Funklefink meets a hungry cat after ripping off a distraught young girl.

4) Mr. Peeler's Butterflies (first aired 16 April 2001)

5) An Elephant Never Forgets (first aired 26 April 2001): Percy and Belinda Crumpdump learn to be careful what you wish for.

6) The Childhood Snatcher (first aired 9 April 2001)

7) The Giant Who Grew Too Big for His Boots (first aired 17 April 2001)

8) Prince Noman (first aired 19 April 2001): A family of villainous royals get their comeuppance from a seamstress whose son has no face . . .

9) Tag (first aired 18 April 2001)

10) The Litter Bug (first aired 24 April 2001)

11) Fat Boy with a Trumpet (first aired 25 April 2001)

12) The Broken Down Cottage (first aired 11 April 2001): Runaways Augustus and Arthur learn that making prank calls comes with a cost.

13) Well'ard Willard (first aired 27 April 2001)