Shannon Shellfish was the main character from the series 6 episode The Lobster’s Scream.


A somewhat plump girl, Shannon had black hair that stuck up in two pigtails. She was a spoilt girl who got given everything she demanded by her put-upon parents.


On Shannon's birthday she ordered her parents to get her a new dog, but when the dog used her duvet as a toilet then licked her flannel, she threw it in the skip. Later that day, she demanded that Lazio the Lobster Man give her his lobster costume. After she threatened to poke out his eyes with a stick, Lazio agreed, on the condition that she came to his restaurant, ate his food and payed her bill. When Shannon arrived and ordered the biggest lobster in the tank then refused to eat it once it was cooked, the other lobsters snatched her up and threw her in a pot of boiling water to teach her a lesson.