The Snake was a character who appeared in the series 1 episode The New Nanny.


The Snake was a thirty-five foot long python with a long, flickering tongue. Her underbelly was a pinkish colour, whilst her upper side was yellow with a brown diamond pattern, and she wore a small dark cap, a nanny’s uniform, and spectacles.


When Tristram and Candy had their old nanny Mrs. Mac fired by telling lies about her, Mrs. Frightfully-Busy called the Animal MacMagic nanny company to hire a new one, and the company sent the Snake.

At first Tristram and Candy were scared, but when the Snake told them to treat her just like any other nanny, they stopped being scared, and instead behaved terribly. At first they stuck the Snake’s tail in boiling water, then threw tin tacks on the ground to spike the poor creature. Next, they shoved her head down the toilet and used it as a television antenna, before staking her out for the birds to peck.

All of this proved too much for the unfortunate animal, and she fled screaming from the Frightfullybusy’s house.