The Snakes are creatures which appeared in the series 3 episode It’s Only a Game, Sport!


A knot of dark green snakes with lighter green banding, the snakes were otherwise regular venomous serpents with a long rattler on the ends of their tails. They lived in the outback of Australia, and for some reason seemed to gather around the house owned by Bruce, Kitty, Shane and Sheila.


After throwing a tantrum for losing a game of Snakes and Ladders to his little sister Kitty, bad sport Bruce stormed out of the house and threw the board away. However, he hadn’t noticed their pet koala sleeping in the doorway, and tripped over it, falling right out of the housea which had been built on stilts for the express purpose of keeping out the snakes! He landed righ in their midst, and was bitten to death by the poisonous critters.


  • The snakes were depicted as rattlesnakes, although no species of rattlesnake inhabit the continent of Australia.