The Spider was a character who appeared in the series 1 episode The New Nanny.


A small purple spider, the Spider had eight legs and wore a grey cap and small purple gloves on her front set of limbs, which were more like arms with hands.


After horrible children Tristram and Candy chased off their first two nannies Mrs. Mac and the Snake, Mrs. Frightfully-Busy called for a replacement from the Animal MacMagic nanny company.

When the replacement arrived the next day, it turned out to be the Spider, and Candy was very scared until the Spider said that she wasn’t there to hurt them. The two children quickly dragged the poor creature upstairs, where they flushed her down the plug hole in the bath and collected her from the drain outside. They then poked her with a stick, before telling Mr. Frightfully-Busy lies about how the Spider had spun a web across their faces so that they couldn’t talk, and their dad fired her on the spot.