The Sweet Shop Owner was a character who appeared in the series 1 episode Sweets.


The Sweet Shop Owner was a skinny old man who was bald on top but had bushy grey hair around the sides, and a long, sharp nose. He dressed in a violet shirt with a purple waistcoat, brown trousers and shoes, and donned a long white apron when he was “working.”


When the naughtiest boy in the world, young Thomas Ratchet, came knocking on the door of his sweet shop, the Owner invited him in with the promise of free sweets. However, he had no intention of giving the little terror any delicious treats, and instead trapped him in a net before turning him into a shop dummy as punishment.

It appeared that the Sweet Shop Owner had been punishing ill-mannered children for some time, as he had a collection of what looked to be other children which had been dummy-fied.


  • The Sweet Shop Owner had two cats, a pure white one and a small tabby.