Sweets is the twelfth episode in series 1 of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.



Thomas Ratchet was the worst behaved boy in the world. Whenever his mum took him out with her to do the shopping, Thomas would create a scene or cause havoc, and would always complain that she never bought him any sweets.

One day, after being thrown out of several shops because of Thomas’s bad behaviour, Thomas screamed at his mum that he never wanted to see her again because she wouldn’t buy him any sweets, then ran away from her. No matter how much his mum called, Thomas wouldn’t come back.

Wandering the streets, Thomas eventually came upon a shop. The sign outside said “SWEETS. Bang three times and wait,” so Thomas did so. After waiting for a short time with no reply, Thomas banged again, this time much longer and louder, and eventually an old man answered the door and told him off, but invited him inside to get his sweets.

When Thomas entered the shop, he noticed a pile of old dummies in the corner, and thought that he saw they eyes of one move, but thought no more about it when the old man offered to give him his sweets. However, the man had no intention of giving the naughty boy what he wanted, and instead caught him up in a net and turned him into a shop dummy!

Now, Thomas stands in the window of the shop, watching the people go by and hoping that the next time his mum comes past, she will recognise her son and come to get him.


  • The morals of the story are “mind your manners and behave yourself,” and “don’t take presents from strangers.”


  • Uncle Grizzly hands the boy a box of flies for a snack during the introduction.


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