The History Lesson is the eleventh episode in the first series of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.


Elizabeth was a stupid girl who had only herself to blame. She had a big history test coming up and had not done a stroke of work. When she read the questions for the test, she wished she had done her homework, as she couldn’t answer a single question on the paper. She tried a variety of silly techniques to try and help her with the test, such as re-reading the questions to see if they'd changed, and swapping her pen hand, but nothing worked.

After dropping off for a while, Elizabeth was awoken by a voice calling her name. At first, Elizabeth thought the voice came from Miss de Burm, the teacher in charge of the test, but then saw that it was actually a young girl named Penny. Elizabeth was scared that Miss de Burm would give them a detention for talking, but soon realised that the woman couldn’t see Penny, as Penny was a ghost.

Elizabeth begged Penny to help her in the exam, thinking that she must know a lot about history, and Penny agreed, but when the exam results were posted a week later, Elizabeth had come dead last- Penny was just as stupid and lazy as she was!


The moral of this story is "Study hard and do your homework."

Who do think was more stupid?

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