Thomas Ratchet was a character who appeared in the series 1 episode Sweets.


A skinny boy with spiky ginger hair and a pointy nose, Thomas dressed in a sleeveless green T-shirt, brown shorts, white socks and a pair of heavy boots. He was said to be the worst behaved boy in the whole world.


Whenever his mum took Thomas out to do the shopping, the boy would do his best to make a nuisance of himself, and he always, always shouted for sweets. Of course, his mum wouldn’t reward the horrid brat, and so, after one day of being particularly naughty - he caused chaos everywhere they went, and got them thrown out of several shops, even pouring cream down the trousers of an unfortunate Store Detective who tried to apprehend him - Thomas ran off by himself.

After wandering the streets, he came upon a sweet shop, and was enticed inside with the promise of free treats by its owner. However, the shop was a trap for horrible children like Thomas, and the sweet shop owner caught Thomas in a net before turning him into a dummy with papier-mâché.

Now Thomas spends his days in a shop window, looking forlornly out at the passing people, and hoping for the day that his mum will walk past and recognise him.