Tristram Frightfully-Busy was a character who appeared in the series 1 episode The New Nanny.


A very badly-behaved child who liked to torment his nannies, Tristram was a plump boy with spiky black hair and a double chin. He was most often seen wearing a red-and-blue shirt with a white collar, blue shorts and orange shoes.


After Tristram and his sister Candy told lies to get their old nanny Mrs. Mac fired, they did the same to the two replacements sent by the Animal MacMagic nanny agency, a Snake and a Spider. However, the pair were taught a lesson they would never forget by the third nanny sent by the company. This nanny was in fact a crocodile, and ate them both up before laying them as eggs and stashing them in the cupboard.

Once they had hatched, both Tristram and Candy were nice as pie to everyone they met forever after.