Tubs was a character who appeared in the series 4 episode Bunny Boy.


Tubs was a regular grey rabbit with a lighter grey scut. He was described as being plump.


Naughty Bill would feed the vegetables that he detested to Tubs to stop his mum from feeding them to him. Bill's mum tried to keep the rabbit out of her vegetable garden, but Bill kept sabotaging her attempts, so that he'd never have to eat his greens.

Eventually, Bill tried to get rid of a monster cabbage that his mum was trying to get him to eat. While travelling to meet Tubs, both Bill and Tubs got caught in Farmer Popple's combine harvester and chopped up into tiny little bits.

Later, after the doctor and student nurse had put back together what they could of Bill, the doctor discovered that he'd put bits of Tubs in too; Tubs was no more, and Bill was part-boy, part-bunny!