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Uncle Grizzly is the owner of the Squeam Screen cinema. He appears at the beginning and end of every episode of the first six series. He is the only person to work there, and mans the front doors and ticket booth, ushers guests to their seats and hands out the snacks (which are always big boxes full of some kind of creepy-crawly). In the earlier series, Uncle Grizzly would give a short introduction to each episode, but this section was cut from the later stories.

Uncle Grizzly has a pet spider named Spindleshanks who he is very cruel to, and he often injures the poor creature as part of the introduction to that week’s tale.

In many episodes he turns his head into something frightening in order to scare Spindleshanks. For example, his head turned into a that of a fly in the episode Death By Chocolate.


  • Uncle Grizzly’s half-brother, the Night-Night Porter, is the narrator of series seven and eight.
  • Uncle Grizzly's eye-color has changed from blue to green to brown.